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Benefits of At-Home Dog Sitting & Walking Service

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

With winter days upon us, you might be ready to plan a spring vacation and are wondering about the benefits of at-ho

me dog sitting and walking services. The responsibility of caring for your dog while you are on vacation should not be taken lightly. Entrust your dog's care--and safekeeping of your home--to a vetted, trained professional dog sitter.

The person you bring into your home to monitor your dog's needs for food, water, and exercise must be trustworthy, dependable, mature, organized, and conscientious. You want someone who will care for your pet and your home as if it were their own precious treasure.

Caring for your dog must be the pet sitter's top priority! You and your dog cannot afford to have someone decide that a last minute date is a higher priority than your pet!

Benefits of a Professional Dog Sitter in Wilmington, DE

Finding such a person is no easy task -- gathering references, background checks are time consuming. However, if you connect with a reputable professional dog sitting company, you will be more likely to save yourself time, hassle, and headaches because you will be establishing a trusted partnership with a reliable pet sitter.

Other benefits of partnering with a professional dog sitter include:

Experience with a Variety of Breeds

A professional pet sitter is, ideally, under contract as a direct employee of a company that has vetted its team members for entering your home and caring for your dog. This is true for the pet sitting team at Weather or Not of Delaware. We screen people for their experience with specific types of pets and sometimes for specific breed experience.

And, since many homes have multiple dogs (or pets), you want to be sure that the person coming into your home can manage a pack!

Always Someone On Call

If your dog sitter falls ill or has another emergency, a professional will have a co-worker --whom you can trust-- assigned to fill in for them. You won't have to worry about making calls in the middle of the night to get neighbor or family member (or worse, the fire department) to tend to you pet because your dog sitter didn't show-up!

Commitment to Understanding YOUR Pet's Personality

A professional dog sitter takes the time to learn how to care for all types of pet personalities. They are committed to keeping your pets calm, healthy, and happy.

A Professional Dog Sitter Can Handle Pet Emergencies

Professional pet sitters are trained and certified in pet first aid and CPR. They pay careful attention to your home environment for hazards that could endanger your dog. Because they are committed to your pet on a regular basis, the professional pet sitter also would be more likely to spot any changes in your dog's behavior and will notify you immediately of a concern. A professional cat sitter will know how to reach your vet and how to access emergency vet care in the local area. They will also transport your pet to the vet if needed.

Other Considerations When Hiring a Professional Dog Sitter

  • Do they have business license to work in your city/county?

  • Are they insured to cover accidents that may occur while your pet is in their care?

  • Does that insurance include bonding, which protects against theft?

  • What is the policy should your assigned pet sitter have have personal emergency?

  • Does the pet sitter provide a detailed contract for working with them?

  • Does the person provide verification of passing a criminal background check?

  • Is your sitter a member of any professional pet sitting organizations such as NAPPS?

Weather or Not of Delaware offers all of this and more! To learn more contact us, today!

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