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Superfood Frozen Treat for Dogs

Dogs love a cool treat just as much as their people. This superfood frozen treat will keep your dog happy and cool for quite a while!

Dog Friendly Greek Yogurt Based Frozen Treat

Most dogs love plain Greek-style yogurt. Some will lick it off a spoon, others enjoy it as a topper on their kibble. As long as you know your dog does not have an allergy to yogurt (it is a dairy product) you can make your dog a frozen Greek-yogurt stuffed treat using a hollow bone or a kong toy.

Why Greek Yogurt for Your Dog?

Plain Greek yogurt gives your dog a healthy dose of probiotics, which can support gut health. It also contains minerals like calcium, which can support healthy bones and teeth. By choosing plain, you avoid giving your dog any unhealthy sugars that come in flavored yogurts. Additionally, Greek Yogurt has a thick consistency that dog's seem to enjoy.

How to Make a Greek Yogurt Frozen Treat for Your Dog

One of our team members here at Weather or Not uses a hollow bone to prepare this treat at home. A Kong toy can work as well. What is great about either of these options is that they are reusable.

Step 1. Place the hollow bone in a freezer bag, standing up with the widest part facing up.

Step 2. Place a Greenie pill pocket or other small treat into the bone. This will create a plug at the bottom.

Step 3. Spoon the Greek Yogurt into the hollow bone. Leave some room at the top because you are going to add something.

Step 4. Take a few treats* (could be a broken up pill pocket, a few pieces of kibble, or broken bits of another treat) and place them into the Greek yogurt that you just put into the bone.

Step 5. Smooth out the top and seal the freezer bag.

Step 6. Place into the freezer in a way that lets bone stand upright so the contents don't seep out.

To finish: Freeze the bone for a few hours, at least 6, but overnight is best. We suggest making a few of these at a time so you always have one at the ready. Below, Lexi the Ausky (Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog & Husky Mix), enjoys her frozen treat...keeps her busy for quite a while!

Amp-up the superfood content in this frozen treat for dogs:

  • Mix mashed ripe banana with the yogurt

  • Add a Tb of almond butter or other nut butter with the yogurt or use the nut butter to plug the bottom of the bone (look for sugar-free nut butters that do not contain xylitol)

  • Blend a few teaspoons of apple sauce into the yogurt

  • If your dogs likes watermelon, blueberries, or mango-- add mashed or finely chopped pieces to the bone--be mindful of size so as not to create a choking hazard.

CAUTION! Some foods are dangerous for dogs. Check the following sources to be sure you are adding fruit or other food that is safe for your dog:

Next time your dog is interrupting a business call, bugging the house guests, or has to be alone at home for a while in her crate, give her a Greek Yogurt Frozen Treat!

For more great ideas for frozen treats for your pup, check out this article from Whole Dog Journal.

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