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Working with Weather or Not


What is Weather or Not Dog Walkers, LLC?


Weather or Not Dog Walkers is a dog walking and in-home pet-sitting company. The pet care professionals employed by Weather or Not travel to our client's homes to perform the pet-sitting duties outlined by our customers.


Our clients are located primarily in the Greater Wilmington Area. 


Zip Codes & Towns Serviced:

  • 19703 Claymont

  • 19061 Marcus Hook/Trainer/Linwood/Boothwyn

  • 19060 Garnet Valley

  • 19801 – 19803 Wilmington

  • 19806 Wilmington

  • 19809 – 19810 Wilmington

  • 19720 New Castle

Why Join Our Team?


Professional pet care is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and every one of our sitters LOVES their job!

Weather or Not offers:

Fuzzy Faces & Unconditional Love!

  • Employee Status

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Flexible Hours

  • Workers Compensation

  • Discounted Pet Sitting

  • Client Referral Bonuses

  • Sitter Referral Bonuses

  • Exercise & Fresh Air

  • Independence

We Provide Two Types of Services:


  1. In-home pet sitting: while clients are away we visit their homes 1-4 times per day to walk, feed, and care for their pet/s;

  2. Dog walking: one visit per day, Monday through Friday, to visit and walk dogs while their owners are at work;

Employee Requirements


Employees must:


  • Live in or adjacent to our service area. See “Zip Codes Serviced” above. 

  • Be physically fit and able to work and commute in all types of weather (this is a VERY active position that requires hours of energy, even on rainy, snowy, or humid and hot days.)

  • Have access to a reliable vehicle and have a valid driver’s license.

  • Have experience with, a love of, and a desire to work with dogs and/or cats and other small animals. 

  • Love people in addition to animals (this is just as much a customer service position as it is a pet care position.)

  • Be 100% reliable (Weather or Not sitters do their best to cover in cases of emergencies, but this is not a job where “calling out sick” is tolerated, as the pets in your care depend on you.)

  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with Weather or Not, fellow employees and clients, by returning emails, phone calls, and text messages promptly.

  • Have the ability to take this job SERIOUSLY.

  • Be organized and detail-oriented.

  • Be able to provide professional references.

  • Provide a current and clean background check to Weather or Not. (We will provide you with the link to have your background check completed. The cost is paid for by you, but will be reimbursed to you after you fulfill your 6-month commitment.)

  • Complete online Pet First Aid training. (This is of no cost to you.)


Positions with Weather or Not


  • Mid-Day Dog Walkers 

    • Must be available to walk dogs, Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 AM & 3:00 PM. The number of dogs you’ll walk on any given day will vary based on the clients’ schedules and when they need pet care.  You must be available all of these days and all of these hours. We will not be able to consider those who are only available a few days per week or for only certain hours of the 11-3-time block. 


  • Pet Sitters

    • Must be available to work at least (2) weekends per month and either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter AND either Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day. Pet Sitters visit our client’s home multiple times per day, therefore need to be available for AM (7-9 AM), EVENING (4-6 PM) & LATE NIGHT (7-9 PM) visits.




  • Your starting rate will be noted in your offer letter.  After a 90-day probationary period, you may receive a performance-based increase.  Performance reviews will be performed at six months, one year, 18 months, and two years with the opportunity for merit-based increases.  After two years, performance reviews will be done yearly.

  • Gratuities and Holiday Surcharges are 100% yours!

    • You’re paid every Friday by direct deposit into your bank account.


Employee Benefits


  • Worker’s compensation insurance

  • Taxes withheld from paychecks and contributions to your FICA (Income tax, Social Security and Medicare.)

  • Discounted pet sitting for your furry pals!

  • Flexible hours

  • Referral bonuses

  • Background check reimbursement after 6-month commitment is reached

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Training




Sitters employed by Weather or Not can either be classified as Mid-Day Dog Walkers or Pet Sitters. This is based on your availability and what services you’re interested in offering to our Weather or Not clients.

We try to keep our sitter’s assignments as close to their “home base” as possible to increase their profits. The usual travel distance is 2.5 to 8 miles… unless they have agreed to travel further. 

Mid-Day Walkers’ schedules are built by either inheriting the walks of another sitter who is no longer able to offer their services to Weather or Not or by adding on new clients that sign-up for service. Our regular mid-day clients retain the same “walker” (when possible) until their relationship with Weather or Not ends or until the walker is no longer employed by Weather or Not. When possible, our walkers visit the same clients on their route Monday through Friday based on the client's booking schedule. 

Pet Sitters are chosen as the “primary sitter” for a client by the service areas that they cover and by their availability submitted to Weather or Not. After a sitter is assigned as the “primary sitter,” Weather or Not will make every attempt to book that same sitter for the client for subsequent bookings. If the primary sitter is unavailable then Weather or Not will assign a secondary sitter to the assignment using the same protocol as explained above. A client may choose to meet with any backup/secondary sitter or they may choose to have a phone conversation or they may just ask that we send the sitter without introduction. 


While Weather or Not sitters do their best to cover in cases of emergencies, this is not a job where “calling in sick” is tolerated. The pets in your care depend on you to complete your assignments and (1) no-call; no-show is cause for immediate termination of assignments.


Long-Term Relationship


Weather or Not is only interested in working with sitters who want to build a long-term relationship with our company and its clients. It’s NOT a good position for those trying to find interim work while in-between jobs or trying to “figure out” what their next step is. Our clients come to trust their assigned sitter and appreciate it when they’re able to grow a trusted relationship with that person.   


Weather or Not reserves the right to have sitters (employees) that are only providing pet sitting and dog walking services for Weather or Not. We do not have sitters on our team that have their own service, or currently, work for another service. 


Paychecks and Taxes


By law, Weather or Not is required to honor legal garnishment of employees’ wages. These include tax levies, child support orders, loan repayment, and other court-ordered garnishments. Employees will be notified if we receive such an order. Weather or Not may also make deductions that are expressly authorized in writing by the employee, and are for the benefit of the employee, as permitted by applicable law and, where applicable, Weather or Not had set up an employee benefit program. These include payments for insurance premiums, pension or health and welfare benefits, contributions to charitable organizations, and payments for United States bonds. At present, Weather or Not doesn’t offer any employee benefit programs. 


All employees are subject to taxes on earnings. All deductions required by law and all authorized, permissible deductions will be automatically withheld from employees' paychecks. Any questions regarding payroll deductions and paychecks should be directed to the Operations Manager. 

Employees are expected to review their paychecks and paystubs each week and report to the Operations Manager immediately if there are any errors in their paychecks or paystubs, including, but not limited to, the hours worked, deductions taken, or the total amount paid. 

Are you still interested in working with us?  If so, please send us an email to let us know.

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