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Meet the Owners of Weather or Not

Have you ever wondered who you were dealing with when communicating with Weather or Not Dog Walkers? Well, wonder no more!

Mike and I met when we were both working for the same company in 2008. Did you know that I was his boss TWICE while we worked there?? The first time was for about three days in 2009. He was crossed over to me on a Monday and transferred to another position on that Thursday. The second time was for about a week in 2012. I was transferred to his account temporarily, then transferred out to a new account. Over the years we would see each other at corporate functions and would say hi and chit-chat, but that was about it.

Anyone that know Mike, knows he was a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan (I was NOT a Nascar fan). He had #24 all over his desk at work and his desk was the first one I would see every day when we eventually started to work in the same building again. Our conversations started out as ‘good morning’ and ‘have a good night’. Then I realized that I looked forward to seeing him every morning (and was very disappointed if he wasn’t as his desk) and would make excuses to go by his desk and try to chat. He indulged me a little, but I was FINALLY able to break through when I PRETENDED TO LIKE JEFF GORDON AND NASCAR! I had every intention of watching the 2012 Daytona 500 so I’d have an excuse to talk to him, but it ended up being postponed until that Monday (unbelievable, right?). What FINALLY got us talking pretty regularly was our mutual love of zombies and The Walking Dead. We would have our Monday morning recap while TWD was on. We started dating in February 2013 (he made me work hard before he agreed to the first date). We were married on June 7, 2014 in a BEAUTIFUL backyard ceremony with our family and close friends by our side.

In February 2015, Stark joined our family. He quickly became the center of our world (sorry Cody and Jackie). In August 2015, Mike underwent open-heart surgery and had FIVE blocked arteries bypassed. Talk about scared?? I was almost a widow a year after he made me a Mrs. That experience opened my eyes and I realized that life is WAY too short to do things that do not make you happy. Well, working in

the corporate world did not make me happy. Getting stressed out over how many calls were being answered each day or how many times someone might have been late logging on to the phone was NOT WORTH IT. I made the conscious decision to stop stressing over the small stuff and well, I really started to hate my job.

Starting Weather or Not Dog Walkers was a byproduct of another business idea that I will go into another time. When I quit my corporate job, I had ZERO clients lined up (and Mike was very worried). My last day of work was October 7, 2016. I gave myself a week to decompress and officially opened WoN October 17th and had my first walk on October 25th.

Snoopy (Orr) was my 2 nd client and currently our longest active client!

Millie (Sherak), Ren (Carrel), Buddy (RIP) then Bella (Donoghue), Lola (Brown-Smith) all started with us in 2016 and are still clients today!

I hired my first employee during the Summer of 2017. Gerri, our longest active employee, started with us in September 2017. By February 2020, we had 64 dog walking clients (and serviced 89 total clients) and were averaging 53 walks per day (completed a total of 1,208 services) !! We had 10 employees helping us accomplish this!

None of this would have been possible without the support of ALL OF OUR AMAZING clients that have supported us in the beginning and continue to support us now!

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